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Remote Video Production Streaming

Satronen Sound offers Remote Video Production Streaming to our vast clients of video production companies, tv networks, still-photography shoots and businesses who need high-quality audio + video streamed live on-location to secure password-protected video platforms, Zoom feeds, etc. Reach out to us for more details about our streaming capabilities and rates. Upon request we offer a free demo of our streaming workflow where we’ll walk you through how our remote video village works! Click here to contact us!


Matt Assmus (EP) – Dorsey Pictures

“I was literally editing a cut in my office WHILE I was watching the shoot on my laptop; this tech a huge time saver”

Matt Assmus

Morgan Myer (co-founding partner) p3 Maine

“Seamless remote video village experience for our client. They were not only able to weigh in on takes in near-real time, but also on props, wardrobe and set design. A great experience and will definitely use again!”
Morgan Myer

Elizabeth Collins (Producer) – ContagiousLA

“Peter went above and beyond to make sure we had a feed in our very tricky and remote locations.  His dedication to problem-solving and delivering exceeded my expectations!”

Elizabeth Collins

Lisa Neville (Big Brick Productions) Producer

“Peter was a great addition to our crew – super helpful and pleasant.  And no glitches with the remote feed”

Lisa Neville

Kate Northrup (Founder) Origin Mastermind

“Peter was such a great communicator and made the Livestream experience incredible not only for our attendees but also for me as an event organizer.
He was incredibly professional and also has a wonderful visual eye!”

Kate Northrup

Alyssa Kaufman (Director) – Flynnside Out Productions

Peter offered a time saving and innovative solution for our clients to be virtually ‘on set’. He was able to give them live audio and video feeds in nearly real time saving us time and money. This technology also enabled us to keep our crew numbers to a minimum during covid which was a huge safety measure. Peter was always calm under pressure and great at thinking on his feet to solve any problems that arose.

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